qmetaTEST - broadband speed test - Download, Upload, Ping & Jitter

IP-Address: Data is not analyzed until it is tested...
This is how the speed test works:
  • Close all programs and leave them closed until the speed test is finished. This is the only way to obtain unadulterated measurement results.
  • Start the broadband speed test by pressing "Speedtest START".
The tests run completely on your computer in the browser. And that without additional software. The service "qmetaTEST" uses a nearby server and determines the speed of the internet connection.

To determine the speed of your Internet connection, our server sends data packets to your computer. In order for the test to take long enough to determine an exact value, the server sends several packets of different sizes. These are retrieved from your PC and finally sent back. Since the complete bandwidth is required for the "qmetaTEST" speed test, you should not perform any further downloads during the measurement. This also includes the opening of internet pages or the retrieval of mails.

Currently selected test server: qmetaSRV_4 - Berlin, Germany (1 Gbit/s)